Tutoring Schedule

After school tutoring is offered every Monday – Thursday from 2:45-4:15.

The following is our current schedule and may be subject to change.

  • To stay for tutoring, you MUST sign up in the front office before the end of 6th period.
  • You will NOT be admitted into tutoring unless your name is on the sign up sheet.
  • You will NOT be allowed on campus after 2:45 unless you are in tutoring, sports, or a club meeting. 
  • The activity bus comes Monday through Thursday at 4:15pm.
*Please listen to the morning announcements or look at the front office board for any changes or cancellations. 
Mrs. Dancil (7th & 8th Math) Ms.Misciagna (Geo & Calc)
Study Hall (Parker) – grades 6-12 
Ms. Runyon (6th L.A. & S.S.)
Mr. Cannon (7th & 8th S.S.)
Mrs. Mackenzie (Phys & Chem)         Mr. Johnson (6th Math & Science)           Mr. Friggle (2nd Quarter)
Study Hall (Pierce) – grades 6-12
Mrs. Biswell (7th & 8th Science)
Mrs. Misciagna (Alg 2 & Calculus)
Mr. Kestler
Study Hall (Compton) – grades 6-12
Mrs. Pierce (7th & 8th L.A.)
Mrs. Feehs (Algebra)                               Mrs. Young (Mod Lit & Soph Eng)           Ms. Stewart (5th Grade)                         Mr. Friggle (2nd Quarter)
Study Hall (Runyon) – grades 6-12

Other Tutors available by appointment: Mr. Kestler (Biology & Health) and           Mr. Frausel (US & World History)

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